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I’ve lived in this complex for a while and I love it!! The staff and maintenance are always friendly and helpful. My family and I don’t plan on moving anytime soon. I’ve recommended this place to my friends and family and will continue to do so.


I just want to start by saying that while most of the negative comments by previous reviewers were technically accurate, they weren't completely fair. I've lived here for four years and I absolutely love it. I don’t see myself moving any time soon. I may feel less irked by some of the things other reviewers mentioned, which is probably due to the fact that I've lived in apartments for my entire adult life. Opinions are relative. Staff: yes, the service itself leaves much to be desired. However, I think it's more of a staffing issue than anything else. All of the complaints about maintenance, cleanliness, etc could all be addressed by adding additional staff. The people themselves are always working hard every time I see them. They are always slammed. Always busy, but they are great people. The lady that cleans the hallways is one of my favorite people ever, and they have definitely improved the general "cleanliness" since some of the previous reviews. They are working hard to address any issues, and I think that is worth noting. The inaccessibility of amenities is obnoxious. As mentioned by other reviewers, the pool is often closed and you cannot use the club house without paying a huge deposit. The fire pits are often broken as are doors and garage doors. I still think this is more of a staffing/parts issue than actual negligence by the staff. The gym is fantastic, and when everything is working, it is all top tier. I love the outdoor grills, and the hot tub is year round. The safety of the apartment (car break ins, transients in the hallway etc.) are issues that every single complex in the area experiences. We are located in a highly populated area near Trax. I have lived in several other complexes in the area, and this is by far the safest. The interior is beautiful, the grounds are beautiful, and the location is centralized. The staff is very nice, and although I think they could use some additional staff and training, they are all very lovely and helpful individuals. I also love most of my neighbors. The "cons" simply do not outweigh the "pros" of living here, and I would recommend the complex to anyone who asked.



Really clean and well taken care of



(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente


My boyfriend and I took a tour of Artesian Springs and absolutely LOVED this apartment shopping experience, the staff was so kind! Lily is who greeted us and took us on a tour, she told us tons about the property, its layout, and what kinda stuff they offered. And holy cow by the way- YEAR ROUND HOT TUB!! After the tour, she sat down with us and actually info-loaded us with information on their low income apartments. We are newbies on renting so apartment hunting was definitely intimidating at first, but no questions were bad questions with Lily which was so relieving. We left feeling not only really informed but also prepared!! This girl was writing down ALL our questions and making sure we had the answers on the papers we were taking with us. We also had TONS of in depth questions about how their low income apartments even worked, Lily and Andrea together were a dream pair with breaking down the process and explaining everything.


this review is on behalf of my elderly grandma who doesn’t use google but heard you can leave reviews so she insists the public must know: my grandma and her gal friends live at Artesian Springs and love it there! they’re retired so they just enjoy the amenities all day. they enjoy the pool in the summer, hot tub in the winter, and the gym all the time! not to mention she LOVES the staff they have there, they’re all so kind and actually give her time out of their day. they look her issues rather than brush you off. she says their maintenance team just keeps getting better through the years too, a week tops to get someone in and addressing any issues she has in her apartment. the office staff are so kind and professional too! those ladies mean business and try to help with anything!


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